Manassas Mobile Home Residents Hope for Solution

Residents in a Manassas, Virginia, mobile home park got a reprieve just weeks before they were to be evicted.

The East End mobile home park was scheduled to shut down after the property owner could not afford to fix a leaking sewer system. Residents appealed to Manassas officials, asking for more time to find a way for residents to keep the trailers that most own but can’t afford to move.

Two nonprofits stepped forward and are working with the owner to keep the residents in their homes. One of the nonprofits, Hydro-Relief & Water Conservation Resources, said they found a contractor who would repair the sewer system.

“We are proposing that Hydro Relief will sponsor the construction and renovation of a new sewage system,” said Joy Millsaps, from Hydro-Relief & Water Conservation Resources. “We have everything together to initiate the plan except the funding.”

Millsaps said they need to raise $1.7 million in just a few weeks. A notice went out to East End residents, asking them to help with a GoFundMe campaign, but Millsaps said she is also seeking corporate donors.

The second nonprofit, Catholics for Housing, said they are still doing research and exploring a possible fix.

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