Cat/Human Superiority Battle Ends After 8-Day Standoff

Cats: "You will never win, humans"

First, there was just general implied superiority. Then came LOLcats, which account for approximately 92 percent of all Web traffic. Then came The Cat That Just Wouldn't Climb Down.

The Hagerstown stray has finally been captured from the tree where it had been spending vast amounts of quality "alone time" for the past eight (EIGHT!) days.

The cat got stuck in a tree in the Brandywine complex near Hagerstown Community College on June 29. Numerous attempts to coax it down either failed, and/or sent it scrambling for higher branches, reported the Herald-Mail.

The Humane Society of Washington County had claimed that after two or three days, a cat in a tree would usually climb down. But, NOPE! Didn't happen, as it became clear this cat had a Will of Steel, a Stomach of Strength and a Bladder That Perhaps Didn't Exist.

The feline/human battle of wills was finally resolved yesterday at about 80 feet off the ground, thanks to a guy with ropes, a cat carrier and absolutely no fear of heights.

Garrett Tharp of the Doctor Tree trimming business used ropes to climb up. The cat climbed higher, but so did Tharp. Fluffy ended up in a pet carrier safely tied to a rope by Tharp's wife Naomi, she told the Herald-Mail.

The Humane Society has custody of the kitty now, who should be available for adoption in the next few days. The group's already heard from some people interested in the cat, although the potential new owners should be aware that this cat plans to control their social lives, finances, personal safety and general well-being in any way it damn well pleases.


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After all, the cat appears to have won this battle. It was The Cat That Just Wouldn't Climb Down. And it didn't climb down. Nope.

Latest score: Humans: 0; Cats: 3,934,762.

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