Cat Impaled by Arrow Cleared for Adoption

Adoption applications are due in person on Wednesday or Thursday

Graphic of Cupid the Cat
Animal Welfare League of Arlington

Last month, the Animal Welfare League of Arlington began caring for an orange tabby cat named Cupid, who was taken to the organization with an arrow in his head.

The severity of the injury and bacterial infection created a path of uncertainty for the tabby’s future, but veterinarians remained optimistic.  After raising $87,000, the kitty was able to get the care he needed and is now available for adoption after a successful recovery.

"Cupid has recovered as well as can be expected for this type of injury. It could not have gone better. He is now completely functional and should have little adverse effects moving forward," said Veterinary Director Dr. Matthew Galati. "He will have some scarring, but that’s a small price to pay for what he went through. I’m thrilled about how well he has recovered."

Interested applicants have until Wednesday or Thursday to drop off their adoption applications in person at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington and must be prepared with a valid form of identification.

cupid the cat
Animal Welfare League of Arlington
A special adoption process has been crafted for Cupid's needs.

"We have had so many inquiries about adopting Cupid that we created a special adoption process for him that we feel is fair yet also creates a match made in heaven," said the Animal Welfare League of Arlington on Twitter Monday.

Applicants must be residents of Virginia, Maryland or D.C. If you are interested in applying, you must write some additional information on the back of the application about why you would like to adopt Cupid and how your home would be a good fit for him.


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The application process will go through a lottery system. The adoption team will go over all applications and choose 14 to be entered into the lottery. The first lottery number will be called on Thursday at 7:30 p.m.

Whoever is called will have until the end of the next business day to meet Cupid and officially apply to adopt him.

“If the first person in line is approved, he will go home at that time,” the Animal Welfare League of Arlington said on their website. “If it does not work out with the first person, we will draw for the second person in line, and so on.”

The organization will also be offering special $14 adoption fees for a select group of dogs, cats and rabbits known as "Cupid's Cuties." These animals have been at the shelter for a while and are in need of a home too.

All participating Cupid's Cuties are indicated in their profiles.

Adoption Poster
Animal Welfare League of Arlington
Specific animals at the shelter known as "Cupid's Cuties" will be available to adopt.

“While we are going to miss him so much, we can’t wait for him to find his new family,” said a spokesperson for the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, reflecting on Cupid's time at the shelter.

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