Car Towed With 8-Year-Old Dog Inside

An Arlington woman says her dog was 'distraught' by the time she got to her

An Arlington woman's 8-year-old Golden Retriever was towed -- along with her car -- from Wilson Boulevard last weekend.

Jennifer Geisler said she unknowingly parked in an illegal spot on Wilson Boulevard when she went to run an errand last weekend. When she returned 20 minutes later, both her white Jeep and her dog, named Red Dog, were gone. 

"My biggest concern [was] how rough it the ride," Geisler said. "Is she able to brace herself? Is she falling down? Is she getting knocked up against windows?"

Geisler took a taxi less than a mile to Advanced Towing, but said workers would not let her access her car -- or Red Dog -- until she waited in line to pay the $135 towing fine. 

"[Red Dog] was distraught by the time I got to her," Geisler said. 

According to Advance Towing's owner, "Pets left in towed vehicles are somewhat rare, but if it occurs we will not hesitate to contact the local Animal Welfare or Animal Control Officer."

The owner said Animal Control officials were not called in this case "because the car owner responded very quickly to reclaim their vehicle." 

Geisler said the company needs a new policy. 

"Don't remove somebody's vehicle with an animal in the car," Geisler said.

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