Car Stripped of Rims, Tires at Metro Garage

A Bethesda couple's car was stripped of its tires and rims while parked at a Metro stop garage Tuesday.

The Chevy Tahoe was parked at the Grosvenor Metro station in Rockville. News4 spoke with the victim, who said he was not very happy with WMATA's response.

"I just wish I was contacted earlier," the man said.

The man said his wife had parked the car and when she found it after work Tuesday, she called police. He said an hour passed until officers responded to the scene.

"What we do when a car is broken into or vandalized like that is we leave a business card under the windshield so that narrows down our time on when the crime occurred," Metro Police Chief Ronald Pavlik said.

Metro Police recently released statistics showing crime in parking lots was decreasing. However, Pavlik said in this case, it was obvious the thieves knew exactly what they were doing, and they did it fast.

Pavlik said police do have a lead in the case and some witness accounts.

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