Car and Cab Safety Policies: What Uber, Lyft and Cab Companies Say You Should Do to Stay Safe

What do Uber, Lyft and cab companies say you should do to stay safe?

Here are Uber's tips for riders:

Before the ride begins
Riders using the app can see the driver’s first name, photo, license plate number, a picture of the vehicle, and the driver's rating. We encourage riders to double check all these details and make sure they match the driver and car.

During the trip
Riders can share their trip details, including estimated time of arrival and the specific route, with friends and family so they can follow the trip and know when they've arrived safely.

After the ride ends
Riders rate their driver and vice versa, and can provide feedback to Uber. Uber's safety team reviews this information and investigates any issues. 

And here are links to safety policies:

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