Capitol Police In Trouble Over Facebook Hoes

Higher-ups not interested in helping 'underprivileged hoes'

The worst invention in global history, the Internet, has damaged a few more careers in its never-ending quest to lure respectable adults into vulgar social networks that almost always allow for the uploading of embarrassing personal images that should never be shown to anyone, ever, even if they're just there for one's buddies

The Washington Times reports today that the U.S. Capitol Police force -- the good folks who protect our nation's 535 worst individuals -- is "investigating allegations that several of the force's officers participated in online groups that posted degrading references to women and exulted in behavior such as attending strip clubs and excessive drinking."

But it's funnier than that. These cops had joined a Facebook group called "The Make-it-Rain Foundation for Underprivileged Hoes." Do not be fooled by the name; these jesters are being ironical and do not exist as a charity for the needs of lower-class prostitutes. "Making it rain" is when one throws a bunch of dollar bills in the air, at a stripper. A professional football player did this once and now everyone thinks it is cool. Everyone.

The Times accessed Facebook pages for three of the officers mentioned in the department's official complaint -- now under internal review -- and sure enough they included uploaded pictures of themselves in Capitol Police clothes.

One of them -- not content with devoting his approval entirely to the act of throwing bundles of money at ladies -- belonged to other comical groups, too.

One of the three men also listed himself as a member of the "He-Man Woman Hater's Club" and founded a Facebook group called "Passed Out in Trashcans" -- a three-member group geared toward "anyone else that has woken up from a long night of drinking to find themselves in the trashcan."

Oh come on, you've never had that happen.

Jim Newell writes for Wonkette and IvyGate.

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