Capitol Police Officer and Wife Arrested for Harboring Alleged Drug Fugitive

A Capitol Police officer has been arrested for harboring a man connected to a Nashville heroin ring that had ties to Honduras.

Daryl Banks and his wife were charged with harboring a fugitive. Police say he was hiding Fredy Samy Reyes, a 20-year-old Nashville resident, in his home.

Reyes had been named in an outstanding warrant connected to a huge drug bust in Nashville. Seven people were charged in that bust, including four who were charged with engaging in a heroin distribution conspiracy.

Nashville police seized more than $10,000, seven vehicles, 7.5 ounces of meth, six ounces of heroin and 15 grams of cocaine in the bust.

Reyes was charged with engaging in a cocaine conspiracy and with resisting arrest.

Police arrested him at the Banks' home on Sandra Lee Court in Monrovia, Maryland Wednesday. Investigators believe Reyes is friends with Officer Banks' step-daughter.

Banks, 44, is a veteran law enforcement officer who had worked with K-9 officers on the U.S. Capitol Police force. Banks and his wife, Dana, also were charged with obstructing justice.

Frederick County Sheriffs Deputies said they were deceived by Banks and his wife as they came to the home to track down Reyes.

Deputies also said the Banks refused to cooperate with the investigation and provided false information to the deputies on the scene. The Banks said Reyes was in Nashville or in Hagerstown, Maryland, even though deputies had spotted Reyes in the yard of the Banks' home.

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