Capitol Police Make a Document Dump at 7-Eleven

All is clear, assures Police Spokesman

Did you ever hop out of your car quickly and drop something in the parking lot?  Your keys?  Maybe your cell phone? 

When you did, and you discovered it was missing, you felt like an idiot, didn't you?

Well, imagine how one Capitol Police officer is feeling today.  He or she didn't drop their keys, but they did lose some "law enforcement sensitive" documents at a D.C. 7-Eleven, reports the Times.

Leaving alone the obvious joke about a police officer hanging out at a 7-Eleven, the 10 pages of papers included maps and routes to relatives of Rep. Steny Hoyer, the House majority leader.  It also included information on the security systems in place at a hospital along the route.

Lest you think this was an egregious breach of security, a spokesman for the Capitol Police assured the paper that there was neither a breach nor a danger to any member of Congress.  Phew.  As long as they've settled it, then.

The director of security for the hospital that had its details in the papers doesn't quite see it the same way.  He told the paper, "I'm very concerned information was out there to be found like this.  I don't think it's information that I would ever share."

The spokesman for the police explained that they have reiterated the police's policies on the handling and storage of sensitive documents.  Perhaps not stuffing them into pockets while on the way to 7-Eleven would be a good start.

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