Don't Take Marijuana to the Capitol

You got busted with pot at the Capitol? What have you been you smoking?

Feel free to bring your camera the next time you visit the Capitol. You may, though, want to leave your pot at home.

Sound logical? Not to the dozen people who were busted with marijuana while trying to enter the Capitol in the last year-and-a-half, according to The Hill. Most of the offenders were tourists, according to the paper, which discovered the arrests during a review of police reports.

You’d think that the metal detector, X-ray machine and other security you’ve got to pass through just to get inside would be a pretty good deterrent, but some folks apparently didn’t get that message. Still, Capitol Police say it took some fine police work to nab these pot packers.

“It’s pretty easy to look and see the bundle of TNT with a ticking time clock,” Terry Gainer, Senate Sergeant at Arms and former chief of the Capitol Police told The Hill. "It takes a much more astute officer to hone in on the detail whether it’s related to bomb-making activity or dope. It’s a powerful statement about what those officers are doing.”

You’d be surprised at what else people tried to sneak in, including:

  • Brass knuckles
  • A stun gun
  • Unlicensed firearms
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