Calling All Plaid Robots to Columbia Heights

The Columbia Heights Arts Foundation is in need of a few good robots. Tragically hip robots. Tragically hip robots wearing plaid.

The producers of "Droidster" are looking for extras for a scene they are shooting at Meridian Hill Park near U Street NW this afternoon. The produers are looking for as many decked-out extras as can make it to meet up at the drum circle in the park near 15th and W Streets NW at 4 p.m.

They are looking for iconic, outlandish hipsters -- or close proximities -- who will pose as hipster androids and sip champagne. Champagne will be provided for as long as supplies last. Oh, and extras need to wear a garish plaid. It will all make sense.

"Droidster," an action drama, centers around two twenty-somethings. The film, which is being taped around Columbia Heights, stars Dre, a hapless, preppy anti-hero who is looking for a change, and Marisol, a robot seductress. It's a take on a classic storyline: Boy meets robot, robot destroys drum circle. At least, one can hope.

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