Cadaver Dogs, Dive Teams Search Area Near Where Skull Was Found in July

Dive teams are searching a waterfowl sanctuary area near Reagan National Airport for a possible body Thursday morning, three weeks after a human skull was found nearby.

Cadaver dogs, forensic specialists and detectives from the U.S. Park Police criminal investigations branch joined the dive teams in their search along the shore line of Roaches Run Waterfowl Sanctuary in Arlington, Virginia.

A human skull and two other bones were found in a creek bed near the airport July 11, about a mile from where Thursday's search occurred. The bones found were strewn over about 200 yards, leading police to believe that they may have washed up during recent heavy storms. 

It was determined that the skull belongs to a white man who was about 40 years old, U.S. Park Police said. So far, there is no indication that there is more than one set of remains, and there were no signs of trauma, detectives said.

The search teams are currently checking DNA from the skull in a database of missing people, but there's still a lot more work ahead to identify who the skull belongs to, detectives said. 

Search dogs helped hit locations along the shore line where deep mud and vegetation made it more difficult for the dive teams. 

Weeks earlier in the search, Kylie, the D.C. fire search dog, was injured and had to be air lifted to a veterinary hospital. She has since fully recovered from her injuries and was part of the search team Thursday.

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