Cable Company Sent Bills But Didn't Deliver Equipment After Va. Couple's Address Changed

After a Virginia couple’s long driveway was changed to a street, their cable company continued sending bills to the new address without a problem, but when it was time to update their equipment, the company couldn’t seem to find them.

In 2008, Fairfax County requested Joanne Wiggins and her husband give their long, winding driveway a street name.

“They came up with the idea that our driveway should be a street, and so we should name it,” she said.

They had to notify everyone about their new address.

“We got everything sorted out with FedEx, UPS, the post office -- everything except Comcast,” Wiggins said.

Comcast, which owns NBC, changed the billing address right away, she said, but a problem arose in December after Comcast sent an alert to its customers.

“The alert comes up on the TV, ‘You're eligible for free new equipment!’” Wiggins said


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But Comcast sent the equipment to the Wiggins’ old address, and because that address doesn’t exist anymore, the equipment was returned, she said.

Wiggins said she and her husband tried repeatedly but unsuccessfully to convince Comcast to change their address and time was running out.

“They said the equipment is being upgraded and if you don't have the new equipment, you won't have the cable anymore, so we had to do something,” Wiggins said.

They went in person to a Comcast office with all of their documents, but that didn't work, either, she said.

“We're going to have to refer this to the corporate office,” Wiggins said. “That is when I said, 'Forget it! I'm looking up Susan Hogan's email address.’”

Shortly after NBC4 Responds contacted Comcast, an agent followed up with the Wiggins, corrected their address and sent out a technician to upgrade their equipment at no charge.

Comcast said it was an unusual scenario they will look at to find ways to prevent it from happening again.

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