DC Metro Encourages Customers to Try Out New Bus Arrival App

Metro is calling all customers to try out a website version of its forthcoming bus arrival app, BusETA.

Riders will be able to use BusETA to find predicted bus arrival times. It will eventually replace the existing app, NextBus, Metro announced Wednesdy

The app will be in its second phase of software testing for the next three weeks, so Metro is inviting riders to test out the program on its website.

BusETA is expected to launch in April; Metro says it'll be available on desktop and across all mobile platforms. Although a web version is already is live, BusETA isn't yet available in the iTunes or Google Play stores.

Some of the features of the mobile app will include real-time, updated arrival information, available routes based on user location, and time and distance of the next bus' arrival. 

For more information about the app and how to provide feedback, visit Metro's website.

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