Bus Driver Dropped 7-Year-Old Miles From Home, Mother Says

A mother in Prince George's County says a bus driver dropped her 7-year-old son at the wrong stop miles from home and then refused to take him back to Barack Obama Elementary School in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. 

Takisha McAlpine's 7-year-old son accidentally boarded the wrong bus on Tuesday and then was dropped nearly 4 miles from home even after the child told the driver he had made a mistake. 

"He just stood there crying," McAlpine said.

Luckily, a couple spotted the boy and texted McAlpine.

"All and all, though your son was crying and scared, he is very intelligent. I am so proud of him. He knew his parent's information as well as his way home," one text message said.

The child likely would have walked home on Old Marlboro Pike, a two-lane road without sidewalks. 

McAlpine's other son, who is just 5 years old, boarded the right bus but was dropped off alone -- in violation of Prince George's County Public Schools' policy for a child so young.

Another good Samaritan, a neighbor, saw the younger boy and walked him home.

Both children made it home safely and the school district is investigating the situation.

A school transportation official told McAlpine that officials need to review video footage to see if the 7-year-old's mouth was actually moving, telling the bus driver he doesn't live there. 

The bus driver could face disciplinary action if found at fault.

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