Bumper Stickers: A Thank You to Soldiers

Bumper stickers are known to make a statement, so when Scott Kreger wanted to honor the men and women who served in combat in Iraq or Afghanistan he found two words that said it all—"I Served."
"My biggest hope is that when somebody sees one of these stickers on a car, they can feel comfortable going up to that person and saying thank you for your service," said Kreger. "It's as simple as that. I think that means the world to a returning soldier."
Kreger's, an investment adviser with RBC Wealth Management in Rockville, launched his bumper sticker project in July. He created them in hopes the stickers will help veterans identify and communicate with each other when they come home from combat and take off their uniform.
"This is not about whether you believe if we should be in Iraq or Afghanistan or not," said Kreger. "What this has to do with is supporting people and that's what we're trying to do."
Inspired by the beach-town stickers such as OBX and HH, the stickers bear the abbreviation “IRQ” and “AFG” with the words “I Served” underneath.
Kreger received nearly 50,000 requests. Dozens of volunteers from Gaithersburg will ship 200,000 free bumper stickers to veterans who’ve returned from duty.
The project is funded entirely by donations so the stickers are free for any soldier who has served in Iraq or Afghanistan.

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