Bullets for Burgers

Teen killed over hamburger


It's an absolutely enfuriating case: An 18-year-old girl with a promising future was gunned down, allegedly over a hamburger.

Tanganika Stanton had just graduated from Ballou High School. Family members said she was intelligent, a member of the book club and wanted to open her own art gallery.

Stanton was sitting outside her mother's house in the 4900 block of Grant Street NE, eating a burger her mother cooked. A man she didn't know came by and told her to give her the burger. She told him "no," and got her mother. Stanton's mother said she didn't cook for people she didn't know.

The man cursed at them and left. He came back later and allegedly fired a gun at Stanton's front door, striking Tanganika.

The suspect in the case is Terrence Jones, 20, also of northeast D.C. He's charged with murder and could face up to life in prison if he's convicted.

A 9-year-old boy is the key witness in the case. He was on his bike at the time and said he recognized Jones and saw him shoot at the Stanton's house. He testified before a jury at Superior Court earlier in the trial.

He's currently undergoing therapy and apparently still has nightmares from what he saw that day.

Lawyers for Jones said the boy is mistaken and argue that police arrested the wrong man.

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