Bullet Grazes Man Inside Maryland Target Store After Clash; 2 Questioned

A gun went off accidentally and whizzed through an open door of the Target store

A man inside a Target store in Hyattsville, Maryland, was grazed by a bullet on Tuesday after a clash between three other men, police say.

The man in the store in the 3500 block of East-West Highway was grazed after two men chased a third man through The Mall at Prince George's, through the Target store and then outside, according to police.

The bullet whizzed through an open door of the store, ricocheted and then grazed the man's clothes. He was not hurt and was left with only a graze mark on his pants.

The incident began inside the mall just after 1 p.m. Two men fought with a third man. The third man ran, and the other two chased him. Outside the Target store, the two men caught up with the third man and threw him to the ground. A gun he was carrying accidentally went off, police said.

Hyattsville police questioned two men who they said were chasing the third man, but no one was arrested. Chopper4 footage shows officers standing over two men sitting on a curb.

The man who was being chased got away.

It was not immediately clear what sparked the clash or if the three men knew each other.

Police initially said two men were arrested. 

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