Inauguration Day

Bubbly, Beer and Ice Cream: Inauguration Day Deals in DC

Biden and Harris themed drinks, snacks and meals are coming to the D.C. area to celebrate the upcoming inauguration

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Members of the public typically gather on the National Mall to watch the inauguration, but this year will be different – not only due to the pandemic but also because of the heightened security. 

Officials have warned of potential threats and asked people to stay away from downtown D.C. and participate online instead.

For those choosing to watch the inauguration virtually, there are still plenty of ways to make the event more festive.

Here are some of the inaugural-themed drinks, meals and other goodies D.C.-area shops are offering this January:

'Biden Bubbly' at Capo Deli

Capo Deli, creators of the infamous "Fauci Pouchy" cocktail pouch are back in the game with a new "Biden Bubbly" champagne just in time for Inauguration Day.

Although the 750 ml bottle is now out of stock according to their website, mini bottles are available to order for $15.

'Inauguration Pack' from Ice Cream Jubilee

Ice Cream Jubilee is offering a special inauguration pack in honor of one of President-elect Biden's favorite foods – ice cream!

With flavors like "Cuppa Joe", chocolate chip, cardamom amaretto – a nod to Kamala Harris' South Asian and Californian roots – and rose mimosa, what better way to celebrate the day? Plus, the Inauguration packs also come with coloring pages and stickers!

You can purchase a pack all January from one of three Ice Cream Jubilee locations in the D.C. area (Arlington, Navy Yard or Cardozo), or order online.

Ice Cream and Pizza Inaugural Ball at Pizzeria Paradiso

Pizza and ice cream – a timeless pairing. Pizza Paradiso and Ice Cream Jubilee teamed up to offer just that in honor of Biden and Harris. For every pizza purchased, you'll get one free serving of Ice Cream Jubilee's Vanilla Chocolate Chip.

Additionally, Pizzeria Paradiso is offering special root beer floats with Ice Cream Jubilee and Boylan's Root Beer.

Some of the flavors include "Biden's Back to Basics," "Harris' Spicing It Up Ginger Ale Float," the "Cuppa Joe Beer Float," and the "Banana Bourbon Ka(ra)mala Beer Float."

In an added bonus, Pizzeria Paradiso is Biden approved. He visited the shop back in 2016 while serving as Vice President.

The deal is only available while supplies last.

'Madam VP Heritage Bowl' from Immigrant Food

Immigrant Food is honoring Vice President-elect Kamala Harris' immigrant roots with a special themed bowl.

"Jamaica and India join with coconut-milk curried chicken, chickpeas, potatoes, pineapples, plantains & a hint of spicy peppers, served over turmeric rice and baby spinach," the description reads.

You can order this dish at their website.

Amtrak Joe's Pilsner & Madam Veep's IPA at Atlas Brew Works

Atlas Brew quickly sold out of their first two batches of of "Amtrak Joe's Pilsner" and "Madam Veep's IPA." Follow their social media to keep an eye out for when these iconic brews get restocked.

In the meantime, you can still purchase the original artwork as prints!

Biden's Bobbie Sandwich and the VP Melt at Fight Club DC

Fight Club D.C.'s famous "Biden's Bobbie" sandwich is making a come back just in time for his official return to the District.

"Biden's Bobbie" – think Thanksgiving in a hoagie roll – along with "The VP Melt" and the "PED of JOE" ice cream sandwich will be available for purchase until Jan. 20.

Inaugural Swag Bag from Women's Food Fest

Women's Food Fest is offering an immaculate gift basket curated by women food business owners in the D.C. area.

The basket includes "Biden Brownies," Rosé, marinated olives, pasta sauce and homemade pasta, cocktails, plantain chips with guava barbecue sauce, biscotti, hot sauce, coupons and more.

Orders end today, and the baskets will available for pickup or delivery on Jan. 19 and Jan. 20.

'Boozy New Deal' from the Jack Rose Dining Saloon

The Jack Rose Dining Saloon is offering “Boozy New Deal” inauguration cocktail kits, to help those who want to party in style from the comfort of their own home.

The kits serve two adults with four different drinks, totaling eight servings for $75. You can order online and pick yours up from now through Inauguration Day.

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