Bryce Harper Slams Helmet, Earns First Career Ejection

If we've learned anything about Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper in his rookie season (other than <a href="http://" target="_blank">being as sexy as we can), it's the fact that the kid's got a temper.

He's destroyed several bats (including hitting himself in the face with one, albeit accidentally) and recently threw a tantrum after being taken out of a game in a double switch earlier this week.

During Wednesday's 8-4 win over the Miami Marlins, Harper finally broke out of his personal month-long slump -- he entered the game hitting .202 (18-for-89) in August -- with his first-career multi-home run game, which allowed the Nats to snap their five-game skid. Yet, apparently that wasn't enough to calm Harper down because in the top of the ninth, he earned yet another career first.

After slamming his helmet down upon hitting into a double play, first-base umpire CB Bucknor (who, by the way, has been voted the worst umpire in the majors by the players on three separate occasions), decided to put Harper in time out send Harper to the showers a little bit early:

“I just need to stop getting [angry] and just live with it and there’s nothing you can change,” he said. “I just need to grow up in that mentality a little bit. Try not to bash stuff in and things like that I’ve always done my whole life and those need to change.”

Manager Davey Johnson:

"A lot of good things happened with him tonight," Johnson said. "And, like I (told him), 'I just can’t afford to lose you by you expressing your emotions that way. You just can’t do it. Come inside the runway and break a bat over your head or something.'... He’s a little emotional."

Note to self: Watch out for Harper.

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