Bryce Harper Breaks Belt While Attempting Diving Catch, Ladies Swoon (Probably)

This week is only two days old and Bryce Harper is not having a great one in the fashion department.

Sunday, he and his fellow Nationals rookies were forced to wear leotards as part of their rookie hazing (though, based on the pictures, I will say that Harper either seemed to enjoy wearing his -- which could be another story -- or is grimacing at the tightness around his, well, you know). Monday, Harper had a wardrobe malfunction when his belt broke while attempting to make a diving catch.

Man, it's been a rough week on Harper's special area.

According to the MASN broadcast, Harper had to borrow a belt from the bullpen. If you'd like a GIF of Harper showing off his pant-suspending skulls, here's one. If you're a woman (or in the mood for a good laugh), here is a reverse GIF showing Harper undoing his belt.

Speaking of belts, the Nats belted three home runs in a 5-1 win over the New York Mets, which was yet another figurative punch below the belt for Mets fans during a tough year.

This is the most times I've ever written the word "belt."

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