Bruce Allen on #RedskinsPride: “We Got A Very Good Response”

Last week, the Washington Redskins unveiled #RedskinsPride to the social media world, urging followers to vocalize their support to Sen. Harry Reid, who has made his viewpoint on the matter very clear.

The hashtag, as one might have expected, left the organization open for immense criticism, scrutiny and ridicule. Overall, #RedskinsPride was a bungled mess.

President Bruce Allen, however, attempted to put a positive spin on it in an interview with The Washington Post.

“The social media is the way people get information now, and our fans have spoken very loudly in support of what we’ve been doing,” Allen told the paper. “We got a very good response from our fans.

“Thousands of our fans responded, including hundreds of Native Americans, saying we are their favorite team. I do think that’s the message we’ve been hearing.”

Columnist Jason Reid summed up things quite nicely (depending on your point of view): 

"Regardless of where you stand on the team’s nickname — despite what either side will tell you, both positions have plenty of support — the episode clearly demonstrated what has plagued the organization for years," Reid wrote. "Whether it’s blatantly flouting NFL guidelines on a salary cap-free season or ignoring warning signs on high-priced free agents or taking legal action that only amplifies a tabloid opinion piece, the Redskins regularly display an institutional arrogance that refuses to acknowledge dissenting opinions or its own fallibility."

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