Virginia Boy ‘Obsessed’ With Target Will Have His 4th Birthday Party There

A Virginia boy who loves Target stores more than he loves Disney World will have a dream come true on Saturday -- he'll celebrate his fourth birthday at the store.

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Meagan Denette
Hudson, who has autism and cerebral palsy, visits Target about three times a week with his family and with a caregiver.
Meagan Denette
The preschooler's parents told him he could have his party anywhere. They suggested a trampoline park or Chuck E. Cheese's, where his sister and one of his older brothers had birthday parties, but Hudson wasn't interested.

"We started talking with him about Chuck E. Cheese's and he started crying and said, 'No, I want Target!'" Meagan Denette said.
Meagan Denette
The stay-at-home mom was nervous the store would decline to help. But Hudson's caregiver asked management, and they said OK.

nStore staff are excited about helping throw the party, manager Morgan Shreve said. They're planning on holding it in the cafe area and putting up balloons and a "happy birthday" banner.
Meagan Denette
"We just wanted to support the mom because her son is really into Target," Shreve said.
Meagan Denette
Hudson's birthday cake has "a lot of little bull's eyes and the Target dog at the top," his mom said. The 20 to 30 guests were asked to wear red and khaki, like store employees.
Meagan Denette
"When he has his little heart set on something, he means it, and he means it now," Meagan Denette said.
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