Blizzards Reduced to Baking Byproduct

Even as high temperatures cook it, snow won't go away

Blizzard byproduct is oozing out of big, black mounds behind the old D.C. General Hospital.

Yes, there is still some snow left, but it definitely doesn't look like it, and even the record high temperatures can't quite get rid of it.

Debris and dirt, mixed in with leftover snow, has created -- what looks like -- potentially toxic, muddy, sludge reaching more than 6 feet high behind the hospital.

The record high temperatures are now causing mini mud slides down the mounds as the "snow" melts. It was so hot today, Dulles International Airport set a new record at 92 degrees. The old record was 86 degrees back in 1962, the first year they began recording temperatures.

The temperature reached 85 degrees at Reagan National Airport. The record for April 6 at Reagan is still 92, which was set in 1942.

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