Blizzard at the Zoo: Animals Delight in the Snow

The National Zoo shared photos of some of their animals enjoying the snow Saturday as a massive blizzard dumped nearly two feet on D.C.

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Smithsonian's National Zoo
Smithsonian's National Zoo
Bei Bei got to see snow for the first time Thursday, after the D.C. area got a small amount of snow in advance of the weekend's blizzard. "Keepers took him outside to a small behind-the-scenes area and let him explore in a light dusting of snow for a few minutes while Mei Xiang ate her breakfast in her outdoor yard," the zoo said. "Keepers said he wasn’t quite sure what to make of the powdery snow."
Smithsonian's National Zoo
His big sister, 2-year-old Bao Bao, also went out to play in the snow Thursday.
Smithsonian's National Zoo
Mmm! Bao Bao didn't let the snow impede her snacking.
Eric Slovak, biologist at the Bird House, checks on the zoo's flamingo flock during the blizzard Saturday. The zoo had moved the flamingos into a heated holding area.
This California sea lion just happens to be named Summer, but she seemed to have no problems swimming during the winter storm Saturday.
Smithsonian's National Zoo
A cheetah explored a snow-covered yard after a small amount of snow fell Wednesday night, two days before the blizzard began.
Smithsonian's National Zoo
"Our gray seal Selkie isn't afraid to get her whiskers in the snow!" the zoo tweeted.
Smithsonian's National Zoo
Keepers gave the elephants the choice to romp in the snow if they wanted to. Kamala was up for it!
Smithsonian's National Zoo
Swarna and Kamala played outside in the snow Saturday.
Smithsonian's National Zoo
Of course, giant panda Tian Tian was the animal who basically broke the Internet on Saturday. The zoo shared video of Tian Tian flopping and rolling enthusiastically in the snow, and it is spectacular.
Smithsonian's National Zoo
The red pandas were A-OK with the snow. Their feet are covered in thick fur, so it doesn't phase them, the zoo said.
Smithsonian's National Zoo
However, it was too cold for the zoo's Schmidt's red-tailed monkeys -- so keepers brought the snow to them!
Smithsonian's National Zoo
"Wilma's head is the most insulated part of her body. The hump on her back lets her head plow thru snow," the zoo tweeted about one of its bison.
Smithsonian's National Zoo
Carmella, a hooded merganser duck, peeks out between mounds of snow around her exhibit on Saturday.
Smithsonian's National Zoo
Keepers at the Small Mammal House brought snow inside for animals to play with.
Smithsonian's National Zoo
Bao Bao munched bamboo in the snow.
Smithsonian's National Zoo
Bao Bao enjoyed a snack in the snow.
Smithsonian's National Zoo
Niko, a North American river otter, explored the snow Sunday.
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