“Blair Witch” Town May Auction Coveted Signs

Voters will determine whether to sell road signs

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Do you know the way to Burkittsville? Ever since the movie "The Blair Witch Project" put the village on the map, there have been signs showing visitors the way.

Now, the folks who live in the tiny Maryland town are trying to determine whether to get rid of some of the signs. 

Apparently, some of Brownsville's 180 residents have long disdained the town's ties to the movie. So they’ve decided that if you disdain your ties, perhaps it’s time to sell them. The city is considering auctioning some of the signs, now considered artifacts from the 1999 horror flick, according to the Associated Press.

The artifacts are, in fact, four road signs that read, “Welcome to this historic village of Burkittsville.” The signs resemble those seen in the movie by characters who are researching the fictitious legend of the Blair Witch.

The signs were made with heavy metal after souvenir hunters stole the original wooden signs, but even heavy metal failed to deter thieves, who repeatedly made off with the sturdier signs. Alas, the townspeople decided the only way to defeat the souvenir crooks was to try to point them in another direction. They replaced the metal signs with signs that bear no resemblance to the ones seen in the movie. Only time will tell if this breaks the curse.

Voters will cast ballots June 7 to determine whether to conduct an Internet auction for the replica signs or whether to save the signs for posterity.

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