‘Black Panther' Pop-Up Bar Opening in DC

A 'Heart of Wakanda' drink will be served

A "Black Panther" pop-up bar celebrating the movie’s significance is set to open in D.C. on Thursday.

The bar will be open Thursday to Sunday night and feature art installations, interactive set pieces, food and drinks specials and DJ performances. It will be hosted at Red Lounge Bar and Grill, located on 14th Street NW.

Thursday’s opening day is scheduled for the day before the movie "Black Panther" is released in theaters. 

The event started as an idea from a co-founder of The Wave USA, an event production business founded by two D.C. residents.

“It just didn’t feel like there were a lot of pop-up bars that were geared toward some of these major black history moments that were coming, especially in 2018,” co-founder Greg Jackson Jr. said. “I had the idea to just go for it and do it myself.”

Jackson said his group has organized more than 40 themed events, so they have experience in the execution, but this is the first true pop-up bar, where they are completely redoing the space.

Drink specials geared specifically toward the movie will be available, as well as the usual beer, wine and cocktails.


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“There will be themed cocktails, and a couple bartenders that we’ve brought in from different bars and restaurants,” Jackson said. “There’s one drink called 'Heart of Wakanda.' We have different drinks that are kind of our tribute to different characters or different parts in the movie.”

Most of the artists are local, including two D.C. DJs and the artist Demont Pinder, who has painted D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and black celebrities.

“I’m excited that creative individuals here can come together and celebrate this moment here through the art,” Jackson said. “I’m a big fan of the comic book, series and Marvel, and also very deep into black history as well.”

Based on popularity, the pop-up bar may be extended or moved to a different location after this weekend. Tickets for Thursday through Sunday nights are available online for as low as $5, and can be purchased here.

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