Bill Clinton To Stump For Terry McAuliffe

And now comes the phase where Terry unleashes the Rolodex

Okay look, Terry McAuliffe has had a lot of fun entertaining these two paupers, Brian Moran and "Creigh" Deeds, during the early stages of this race to the Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nomination.

Sure, it's never fun to engage with people poorer than you -- you could get Lyme Disease -- but the Rich must make these modest personal sacrifices before assuming their God-given thrones. But now that the three candidates have held their first debate, McAuliffe will have to cease the pleasantries, tut tut, and execute these provincial children who dare consider themselves competiteurs.

He's bringing in Bill Clinton next week.

The delightful old cad himself will appear with McAuliffe at his rallies in Richmond and Roanoke on Monday. He is easily the biggest outside celebrity to go to battle for a candidate in the race so far.

While Terry McAuliffe was chairman of the Democratic National Committee under Clinton, raised a lot of money for Clinton over the years, is considered one of Clinton's best friends, ran Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign, and has been given access to the Hillary campaign's donor e-mail list, it remains a mystery as to why Bill Clinton has chosen to support Terry McAuliffe over either of the other two Democratic candidates.

But the McAuliffe campaign hopes it can use the basic fact that Bill Clinton has a Southern accent to draw in "rural and blue-collar" voters, who enjoy hearing those famous folksy stories he makes up three minutes before going onstage.

Because many of these "real Virginian" voters still haven't cottoned to this slick big-city muppet, McAuliffe, whose donations all come from New York City. For example: one of McAuliffe's biggest individual New York City donors, with a gift of $10,000, is Bill Clinton.

It should make for a delightful afternoon, though, with "The Boy From Hope" there and all.

Jim Newell writes for Wonkette and IvyGate.

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