Bikeshare Rolling Out in Montgomery County

Embracing cost-effective & eco-friendly travel

You may soon notice more people traveling by two-wheels in Montgomery County, Md., instead of four.

A bike sharing program is rolling into the county, and it’s similar to the one already in D.C. and Arlington, Va.

Two hundred bikes will be available to residents 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Within the year, Montgomery County will set up 20 bike stations at Metro stops and major employment centers in Rockville and Shady Grove.

The pilot program, which is funded by a $1 million federal grant, targets lower-income workers looking for an inexpensive way to travel.

“We are trying to promote green, efficient ways of getting around the county,” said Sandra Brecher, of the Montgomery County Department of Transportation.

She said there are also plans to expand the program.

“We’re looking at options in terms of other ways to fund bike sharing in other locations, including Silver Spring, Bethesda, Friendship Heights and other activity centers in Montgomery County,” Brecher said.

Program membership for the general public costs $75 for a year, $25 for a month, $15 for five days and $5 for 24 hours.

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