Bicyclist Stabs Motorist in Northwest D.C. Confrontation

A bicyclist who apparently was angry at being cut off in traffic fought with and stabbed the motorist he believed to be responsible.

D.C. police officers were called to the 1600 block of Massachusetts Avenue NW about 10:20 p.m. Wednesday for a report of a stabbing. Witnesses told investigators that a bicyclist struck the driver's side mirror of a Smart car with a heavy bike lock.

According to the police report, the driver then got out of the car and asked, "Why did you do that?"

That's when it escalated into a fight, which ended, according to witnesses, when the bicyclist stabbed the driver in the ribs and fled the scene.

More bikes and cars are sharing the road than ever before in the District, and it can, at times, make for an uneasy co-existence. Gregory Billing of the Washington Area Bicyclist Association said it’s important for both motorists and bike riders to observe the rules of the road. He noted that the time of year when the days are shortest is the most hazardous.

"The time change is just an important time for everybody to take a few extra minutes, take your time, look around, and make sure that if you're crossing bike lanes or crosswalks you're looking for everybody," Billing said. "Everybody's just trying to get home safe."

The victim, a 28-year-old man who is expected to recover, told police the cyclist was a man in his late 20s or early 30s. He faces charges of aggravated assault and destruction of property.

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