Bethesda's Golden Girl Returns Home

It’s time for a new banner above Stone Ridge High School -- “Good luck Olympic swimmer Katie Ledecky ’15! A Stone Ridge girl” is a bit outdated.

Something along the lines of “Congratulations gold medalist Katie Ledecky” might be a bit more appropriate.

What hasn’t been said about Ledecky? Sure, she may be the youngest member of the entire U.S. Olympic team, and yes, she surprised people when she qualified for the finals in the 800-meter freestyle, and then really surprised them when she won the gold. But now the 15-year-old is coming home to get ready for her sophomore year of high school, and according to one fan that makes her “possibly the coolest person I’ve ever met.”

Ledecky was greeted (and mobbed), by friends, family, lots of fans (including one dressed as an alligator) and cameras Monday night at Dulles Airport at the end of her 3,000 mile trip back from London.

It wasn’t long before Ledecky busted out the Olympic gold medal, and an equally golden smile -- not exactly something her classmates are doing two weeks before school. Ledecky said the entire experience was “fun,” but the fan in the gator costume seemed equally as thrilled: “I am so excited to see Katie!”

What do you do when your 15-year-old daughter returns home from the Olympics with a gold medal around her neck? If you’re the Ledecky family you go home and have a nice, quiet steak dinner.

Ledecky will be live in-studio Tuesday night on News 4 at 6 p.m.

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