Bethesda Teacher Charged With 10 Counts of Child Pornography

A physical education teacher from Ashburton Elementary School in Bethesda, Maryland, was arrested and charged with 10 counts of possession of child pornography on Tuesday, Montgomery County Police said.

Daemon Dartouzos, 54, of Germantown, was placed on administrative leave in January 2018 after law enforcement executed a search warrant at his home for child pornography, Principal Gregory Mullenholz said in a letter to families. 

Police said this arrest was part of an extensive investigation of Dartouzos. They said they don't believe the child pornography found is related to any students at the school.

"The alleged behavior by Mr. Dartouzos is extremely concerning," Mullenholz wrote. "These charges represent a violation of our school’s core values and the values of our Montgomery County community."

Mullenholz said the school district was cooperating with the police investigation, the FBI and the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office.

Dartouzos was a district employee starting in 1991. 

Heather Astwood, a neighbor of Dartouzos, said that he was quiet and kept to himself.

"We don't see much of him at all, so I didn't have an indication of that," she said. "It makes me a little creepy."

Multiple parents spoke out about the arrest, calling it "shocking" and "disturbing."

"It's distasteful, but I guess this could happen anywhere, even at the best of schools," one parent said. 

Mullenholz said a support team of school psychologists, counselors and pupil personnel workers would support students. 

Individuals with additional information can contact the Montgomery County Child Exploitation Unit at 240-773-5400.

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