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Bethesda ‘Dent Repair' Scammer Sought by Montgomery Police

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You’re walking in a parking lot when a man says he sees a dent in your car and can fix it. You say OK and agree on a price, but he makes the damage worse and then demands more money. 

Montgomery County police say they have a warrant for the arrest of a dent repair scammer who has trolled parking lots in Bethesda since at least last summer. 

Police began investigating reports of the scam last month, they said Tuesday. They now know of four people who fell victim in store parking lots in Bethesda starting in July 2020. The suspect collected about $1,850. 

Victims told police a man approached them and said he did auto body work and could fix dents in their cars for less than a repair shop would charge. Then, the man pretended to do the work and either didn’t fix the dents or left the cars in worse shape. The drivers said the man was intimidating and demanded more money than he initially quoted. 

When other drivers refused the man’s offer, he lashed out, police said.

The suspect is wanted for theft, malicious destruction of property and operating a motor vehicle repair business without a license.  

Anyone with information was asked to contact detectives at 240-773-6726. 

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