Drivers Caught Speeding Up to 136 MPH on Beltway

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Maryland State Police are continuing their crackdown on drivers along the Beltway. The traffic safety efforts are focused on those exceeding the speed limit and driving aggressively.

A special initiative was conducted through a partnership with the Rockville Barracks troopers and the State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division. Troopers issued a total of 155 citations from April 26 to May 1 on 1-495 between Green Tree Road and I-270.

On Sunday, troopers in College Park issued three citations for people going 80 to 89 mph, 12 citations for 90 to 99 mph and 7 citations for people going over 100 mph.

One individual was going 136 mph. State police are urging people to obey the speed limit and drive safely.

The highway safety initiatives are scheduled to continue throughout the state.

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