BASE Jumper Leaps From WETA Tower

Parachute snagged in trees

A BASE jumper who leapt from the WETA tower under cover of darkness got stuck in a tree on Wednesday night.

The woman, 48-year-old Kristin Stewart, of Litchfield, was able to unclip from her snared parachute, and then fell to the ground.  She was injured on the way down.  The height from the ground to the top of the antenna is over 450 feet.

Neighbors heard the commotion and called police late Wednesday.  Responding officers found a group of five, including Stewart, in a wooded area in Big Walnut Park near the tower.

All five were arrested and charged with trespassing.

"Every single one of them has been charged with trespassing because they climbed the tower without the permission of WETA," said Crystal Nosal, of Arlington County police.

The others in the group were Mark Krasinski, 48, of Somers, Ct., Katherine Sanpedro, 30, of Alexandria, Robert Morgan, 25, of Fairfax, and Justin Miller, 30, of Annandale.

Police said only Stewart had jumped.  She was transported to the hospital for treatment.

Her parachute was still in the tree Thursday morning.

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