Barber Saves Woman From Pit Bulls in Northeast

Second attack in neighborhood this month

A barber in northeast D.C. saved a woman from two pit bulls Tuesday – the second pit bull attack in the neighborhood this month.

Demani Bailey keeps a baseball bat at his D Barbershop at 15th and D streets, and it came in handy when a woman walking her two dogs suddenly was cornered by two untagged, unleashed and unlicensed pit bulls.

“The dogs were starting to get very aggressive, so I told her to bring her dogs in the barbershop while things cooled off,” Bailey said.

Bailey scared the dogs away by hitting the ground with the bat.

John Fenner wasn’t so lucky Oct. 12. He and his wife were walking home about 5 p.m. on 11th Street in the same neighborhood when he was bitten by two stray pit bulls.

“They seemed friendly, walked around out legs a couple times and then one just abruptly turned and bit me right in the groin area, luckily a few inches away from vital parts,” Fenner said.

The Washington Humane Society advises that if you are attacked by a dog, relax your shoulders, turn your body and face away, and avoid making eye contact with the dog.

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