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Bao Bao Wins Smithsonian's #SIshowdown Twitter Campaign

The Star-Spangled Banner flag was her closest competitor

Bao Bao has been crowned queen of Twitter, and she isn't even a year old yet.

The Smithsonian Institution tweeted Tuesday morning that their giant panda cub was the ultimate winner of the "Smithsonian Showdown" social media campaign.

The campaign asked Twitter users to vote for their favorite Smithsonian object, using the hashtag #SIshowdown. 

Things got pretty heated on some of the institutions' Twitter feeds last week, as Bao Bao (metaphorically) battled the flag that inspired "The Star-Spangled Banner" at the National Museum of American History.

The National Portrait Gallery weighed in with a few barbs, such as, "Since when does cute beat patriotic?" But it was the National Museum of American History who waged a tongue-in-cheek war on everything panda.


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Ultimately, Bao Bao won the hearts and minds of America's voting public.

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