Baltimore Battle of the He-Said, She-Said

War of the Words Between Mayor Dixon and Her Ex

Did you ever wish you hadn't had that brief fling? 

Well, let yourself off the hook. You're regret probably isn't as bad as that of Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon regarding her developer  ex-boyfriend, Ronald Lispcomb. Specifically, we're talking about those few weeks they were "seeing" each other at the end of 2003 and the beginning of 2004. 

In this case, the past came back to haunt them both, and the battle of words is heating up. The outgoing mayor said developer Ronald Lipscomb lied about gifts he gave her. Through his lawyer, he said he didn't. But first, what kind of loot are we talking about here? According to Maryland AP News, fur coats, trips, cash and other gifts.  We would sure like to know what those "other gifts" were. And why the rest of us haven't made out like bandits in a short relationship. 

But then the law got involved. Dixon pleaded guity to perjury Jan. 7 for failing to disclose gifts from Lipscomb. Again from Maryland AP News: "He had multiple girlfriends," Dixon said. "He was a player. And I was the cheapest of his friends."

Dixon said her criminal conviction for perjury and her December conviction for embezzling gift cards, meant for the poor, are largely not her fault. She entered what's called an Alfred plea in her perjury rap, which basically said she knew she could be convicted even though she didn't agree with the facts presented in court.

Dixon has already sung her mayoral swan song and will take her swan dive out of office Feb. 4.

A lot of people in Baltimore regret the Dixon-Lispsomb relationship, too.  Many think she was a very good mayor.

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