Obama's Motorcade ‘Skips and Skids' in Inch of DC Snow

The commander-in-chief was stuck in traffic Wednesday night like the rest of drivers. 

President Barack Obama's motorcade was delayed as 1 inch of snow crippled traffic in the D.C. area -- which does not bode well for a region expecting as much as 2 feet of snow starting Friday.

White House pool reporters following Obama from Joint Base Andrews in Maryland after 7 p.m. Wednesday watched as the president's motorcade slipped on the snow-covered roads. At several points, the motorcade even hit the curbs. Navigating the snow-slicked roads took the motorcade drivers more than an hour to get back to the White House at about 8:40 p.m. -- a trip that should have taken 25 minutes. White House pool reporters spotted at least three crashes along the way.

While the incident is over for Obama, who returned from Detroit, the rest of the District continued to grapple with the storm, with more action in store starting Friday.

Storm Team4 predicted about an inch of snow would fall after 6 p.m. While this usually isn't enough for a Winter Weather Advisory, the warning went out for drivers to stay off the road until midnight because of low temperatures. 

Statewide, Virginia troopers responded to more than 100 crashes, including a fatal accident in Bedford County. 

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