Baby Fox Freed From Storm Drain

Fairfax Police Animal Control freed the fox that was trapped in a storm drain on Monday evening

The fox trapped in a Fairfax County storm drain Monday has been freed, police say.

On Monday afternoon, police responded to the 6700 block of 13th Street for a reported dog barking from inside a storm drain. After further investigation, police confirmed it was a fox in the storm drain and not a dog. 

They closed the manhole to the storm drain and began to clear the scene as a precaution. A firefighter on the scene told News4’s Shomari Stone they were concerned about rabies.

Fairfax Police Animal Control went back scene on Tuesday morning to free the fox. Authorities set up a trap with cat food, lowered it down, and waited for the fox to return. After several hours, official’s eventually retrieved the baby fox from the storm drain.

Police say the animal had no injuries and was released back into the wild.

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