Awkward Lane Markings Confuse Drivers on Route 110 Near Pentagon

Expect a smoother ride on Route 110 near the Pentagon Tuesday morning after News4 contacted the Virginia Department of Transportation about confusing lane markings.

The awkward and dangerous lane configuration was a headache for drivers for the past three months while work was being done by Dominion Virginia Power.

A mess of solid white lines, dotted white lines, solid yellow lines and faded yellow lines confused drivers. Motorists drove along seemingly in one lane, only to have that lane disappear right under them.

With Dominion’s project recently completed, crews restriped the lanes after News4 began investigating the problem.

"We try to avoid doing any work during rush hour, but this is a safety risk,” VDOT told News4 Monday. “Because of the safety concerns, we want to fix the problem as soon as possible."

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