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Attorneys Charged in Stabbing Attack on Ex-Boss, Wife Rented Getaway Vehicle, Say Police Documents

A pair of married Northern Virginia attorneys charged in the stabbing attack of a former boss and his wife rented their alleged getaway vehicle, court documents say.

Andrew and Alecia Schmuhl, of Springfield, are accused of attacking Alecia Schmuhl's former boss and his wife last month after she was fired.

The victims, both 61, survived the attack, which prosecutors have described as an hours-long "torture session." 

The Schmuhls led police on a high-speed chase in a 2014 Ford Expedition before they were apprehended, authorities said. 

A search warrant obtained by News4 on Wednesday reveals that Alecia Schmuhl, 30, rented the dark blue SUV on Nov. 8, a day after she purchased a Taser allegedly used in the attack.

The Expedition has been seized by police. Detectives are asking for access to the SUV's GPS and any other documents in it that might indicated the couple's travel plans.

Two other search warrants seek DNA samples from both Andrew and Alecia Schmuhl. Police want to compare their DNA with the DNA on the bloody items found in the vehicle and their Springfield residence. As is customary, Buccal swabs will be used to take DNA samples from the inside of their mouths.

The Schmuhls have been ordered held without bond.

Andrew Schmuhl, 31, is accused of posing as a law enforcement officer and forcing his way into the victims' home in an affluent McLean neighborhood on Nov. 9. Prosecutors saying he bound both the husband and wife with flexible cuffs and told them he was investigating the husband's law firm.

The male victim is a managing partner at Bean, Kinney & Korman, a law firm that had recently fired Alecia Schmuhl.

Prosecutors say Andrew Schmuhl stabbed and Tased the victims multiple times before the female victim was able to contact police. They said he told them he'd be back to finish the job.

Authorities said Alecia Schmuhl waited outside during the attack, and then drove the getaway car and led officers on a high-speed chase.

Andrew Schmuhl was wearing nothing but a diaper when he and his wife were arrested, authorities said.

The Schmuhls both face two counts of abduction, two counts of malicious wounding, and other charges.

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