Donald Trump

Artist Aims to Challenge People in Power With Projections on DC Buildings

"I don't see a separation between politics and art," artist Robert Bell says

One D.C. artist is gaining popularity after projecting pictures, phrases and hashtags about President Donald Trump and other powerful Republicans onto buildings in the nation's capital.

Robin Bell cast two major displays over D.C. this week. Thurday's was on the Department of Justice building, aimed at Attorney General Jeff Sessions. On Monday, Bell lit up the entrance to Trump International Hotel with the words "Pay Trump Bribes Here" and "Emoluments Welcome."

He uses a projector and computer program to create modern messages that he says meld art and protest.

"We're trying to process the information just like the viewer," he said. "We're trying to understand what's going on. So, I don't see a separation between politics and art."

Bell spoke with lawyers and experts about the legality of his art. According to police, it's not a form of trespassing. 

While the Trump administration is the focus of his current projects, he did similar displays about former President Barack Obama when he was in office. He said he was fully prepared to create protest art about Hillary Clinton had she been elected.

"It's a whole institution. It's a whole system and in order for it to work, we have to look at corruption and we have to look at the issues that affect everybody," he said.

Bell said the response he's gotten has been overwhelmingly positive and has sparked a dialogue.

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