Montgomery County

Arrests Made in 2 DC Human-Trafficking Cases Involving Teenagers

Police made two arrests in major human-trafficking cases involving teenagers in D.C.

Terrell Armstead had an Instagram hashtag “#TeamSupreme” for his prostitution business, according to court documents. He used it to advertise a commercial sex business, posting videos and images of money and luxury goods with the caption “Who wants to join TeamSupreme.”

Detectives allege he would direct message teenage girls, telling them they could make $1,000 a day working in strip clubs and arranging sex dates with customers inside. The so-called “dates” took place in cars that roamed around the area of 11th Street to 12th Street between K and N streets in Northwest between 4 a.m. and 8 a.m. The area was known as “the blade,” according to court documents.

Among the evidence is a text from one of the young women to Armstead saying, “I only made 200 so far.” He replied, “It’s only 9 I got faith that you’ll get 800 more at least.”

Armstead’s Instagram account also shows him making an obscene gesture outside the Montgomery County courthouse after a human trafficking arrest in 2018.

In an unrelated trafficking case, the alleged pimp told young women he’d charge them $1,000 per day to be their “career manager.”

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