Army Vet Says Man, Woman Beat Her During Confrontation About Trash on Arlington Sidewalk

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Arlington County police are looking for two suspects who beat up a military veteran after she asked them to pick up trash dumped outside their car.

The 64-year-old victim has a black eye.

"It's very tender and I can feel the swelling right there," she told News4.

In an effort to help protect her identity, News4 is referring to the woman as "Joy."

Joy, an Army veteran, said she was walking her two dogs on 28th St. South near Arlington Ridge Road about 9:30 a.m. Sunday when she noticed a man get into a running car. Next to the car, fast food trash littered the sidewalk.

She said a woman was in the driver’s seat and the man and woman looked like they were both in their 20s.

"And I walked up and I said, 'Is this your trash?' and he said 'No,' and I said, 'I think it is because it’s right outside your car door,'" Joy said. "He goes, 'No, it isn’t,' and a few different expletives, leave me alone and things like that."


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She asked him again to pick up the trash. Joy says he kept cursing.

The man then tossed a drink cup through the open window at Joy, she said. She threw it back and before she walked off, put some of the trash under their windshield wiper.

That's when the woman behind the wheel jumped out of the car and started following her.

"I turned around and said, 'Listen, I don’t want to have to hit you so just stay back.' As I was saying that, she came around with a right hook and hit me here," she said.

They toppled to the ground, the woman on top of Joy. She hit Joy again before the man attacked too.

Then the suspects took off — a nearby Ring camera captured an image of the small gray sedan they were driving. Joy called 911.

Other neighbors on the block shocked to learn what had just happened in broad daylight.

Now, Joy is hoping Arlington police can track down the attackers.

"I want them prosecuted to the fullest amount that can be done," Joy said. "I don’t like bullies. No, I never have."

But she says those bullies won’t stop her from continuing to enjoy
dog walks in the neighborhood.

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