Police: Man With Knife Tried to Hijack Metrobus in Prince George's County

The man ordered the driver and 16 passengers to get off the bus, police say

A man with a knife tried to hijack a Metrobus Wednesday night in New Carrollton, Maryland, police say.

Tariq Kirkland, 38, boarded the F4 bus on Riverdale Road and then took out a knife in an attempt to rob a passenger, Metro Transit Police said.

When the bus driver heard what was happening in back of the bus, they pulled over and made a call about the emergency.

Kirkland then pulled the knife on the driver and ordered everyone to get off the bus. He tried to drive off in the bus, but the bus didn't move. It has a security feature that prevents unauthorized people from taking control, police said.

The bus driver flagged down a Prince George's County police officer who was passing by and the officer detained the suspect until Metro Transit Police arrived, police said.

There were 16 passengers on the bus. No one was injured.

Kirkland was charged with attempted carjacking, attempted armed robbery and first-degree assault.

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