Web of Unfaithfulness

Business booms for site catering to cheaters

Whoever said online dating was only for singles? Business is soaring on a website catering solely to married people itching to cheat.

Touting the slogan "Life is Short, Have an Affair," AshleyMadison.com debuted seven years ago to much criticism, but the client base has grown exponentially recently.

Much like facebook, or other online sites, members search the database, browsing through pictures and basic information of other clients. After paying for credits to purchase credits and "cyber gifts" for potential mates, clients can connect with a mate, exchange information, and let the affair begin.

Researchers say at least 20% of men and 10% of women cheat on their mates. AshleyMadison.com president Noel Biderman says his website doesn't create cheaters, it simply capitalizes on them.

"I think you really have to question if this is immoral behavior, that might be a really harsh judgment," Biderman says. "We have something called DNA that makes us up, and the bottom line is monogamy is not part of that make-up."

You might not like-- even detest-- the idea of a website supporting unfaithful behaviors, but the creators say the simple fact that so many people are willing to violate the most sacred of contracts proves that they are fulfilling a need. The client base has doubled in the last year alone-- now standing at 3.6 million members.

Some blame it on the economy, others blame loveless marriages or simply the seven-year itch. Psychologists say affairs happen when couples lose deep emotional attachment-- something every person needs in their life.

"Instead of doing the hardwork within the relationship to improve that emotional attachment, they take what they think seems like the easier road," marriage counselor Aaron Reineke said.

So how do you know if your spouse is doing some online canoodling? AshleyMadison.com prides itself on keeping trysts ilicit. However, there is a dead giveaway for suspicious spouses, and it will appear on the monthly credit card statement. The company bills credit cards using the name "ADL."

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