Another Drug Bust at Georgetown University

First-year student arrested at Harbin Hall

Metropolitan Police Department officers arrested a Georgetown University student on drug charges.

At 7:16 p.m. on Tuesday, police arrested first-year student Kelly Baltazar for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, according to Georgetown University spokeswoman Julie Bataille.

Baltazar is a resident of room 229 of Harbin Hall -- the residence hall where three individuals were arrested on Saturday in connection to an alleged DMT lab.

Police acted on an anonymous tip provided to the Department of Public Safety, accroding to a DPS officer who asked not to be named. The DPS officer said that the amount of marijuana said to be in Baltazar's possession was enough to warrant suspicion of intent to sell.

Baltazar was processed at MPD's Second District station, and she is still in police custody.

Her case will go through the school's disciplinary system, which is a confidential process, according to Bataille. Baltazar may face expulsion. She started school in August.

Both Georgetown University and MPD declined to comment on whether Baltazar's arrest has any connection to the ongoing investigation of the DMT lab discovered in room 926 of Harbin Hall early on Saturday.

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