Man's Amazing Karaoke Performance at Maryland Home Depot Goes Viral

Walter Bruce told News4 about how he treated shoppers to a performance of Larry Graham's "One in a Million You" that got nearly 8 million views on social media

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You'll never find another Home Depot karaoke master like Walter Bruce.

In the frenzy of Black Friday shopping at a Waldorf, Maryland, Home Depot, Bruce picked up a karaoke mic and stopped shoppers in their tracks.

He knew he has a killer voice. What he didn't know? That a video of his karaoke performance would go viral online, earning nearly 8 million views.

Bruce is a showman, and even the customer service section of Home Depot can be a stage — especially when he noticed another customer at a karaoke set up.

"I'm drawn to karaoke machines," Bruce said. "I like to sing."

One man's amazing karaoke performance at Home Depot has gone viral.

When he picked up the mic, crowds were treated to the Georgia native and military veteran's deep, baritone renditions of Lou Rawls' "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine" and the tune that made him internet famous, Larry Graham's "One In a Million You."

He even returned for an encore after earning applause and cheers.

"That place shut down," Bruce said with a big laugh.

"That makes me feel good," he said. "Knowing I made someone else feel good."

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