Truck Driver Could be Charged After Fight With Bicyclist

Police tell News4 the driver of a pick-up truck could soon face charges for his role in an altercation with a bicyclist.

D.C. resident Evan Wilder has a camera mounted to his bike, so when he crashed into a truck along R Street NE May 9, the entire event was caught on camera. The narrow, one-way street is clearly marked, encouraging bicyclists to share the road with cars and vice versa.

Just before the collision at a four-way stop, the pick-up truck driver and Wilder come dangerously close to each other.

The video from Wilder's camera shows the truck driver veering into the cyclist's path just before the stop sign. Wilder says he wasn't able to stop in time, and crashed his bike into the back of the truck. No visible damage was done to the truck.

The driver is seen exiting the car, approaching Wilder and repeatedly shouting obscenities about the crash. 

"He was so threatening, he was so hot and so loud," Wilder said. "My first thought was he's trying to steal my bike or smash my bike. It was just raw, this anger he had."

The driver then picks up Wilder's bike and throws it over his truck and onto the ground, causing $400 in damage. Wilder was hospitalized as a precaution, and received a $100 ticket from police for following too closely to a car. 

D.C. police told News4 they are reviewing the video, and sources say the driver could be charged.

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